The Living Legends of Six O’Clock Rock

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The Living Legends of Six O’Clock Rock
Year: 1989
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The Living Legends of Six O’Clock Rock-ST804

The Living legends of Six O’Clock Rock-ST804

Originally released in 1989 as a double Fold vinyl album but it is now available on CD. Excellent orchestra and large chorus which was the choir on the original records and TV shows.

Artists such as Lonnie Lee. Johnn Devlin, Lucky Starr, Warren Williams, Barry Stanton, Jay Justin, Roland Storm, Tony Brady, Noelene Batley, Alan Dale, The Fauns, Adam and The De Kroo bros and the big band Woomera

They either sing their own hits or sing Johnny O’Keefe hits as a tribute to him.

Starlight Starbright

Beggin’ on my knees

Barefoot Boy

She’s my baby

Get a little dirt on your hands


I wanna love you

Yes Indeed I do

A star fell from heaven

Sing Sing Sing

I found a new love

Hey Sheriff

I’m Counting on you

Proud of you

55 Days at Peking