Lonnie Lee – Single – My Rockabilly Band – Lotta Lovin

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Lonnie Lee – Single – My Rockabilly Band – Lotta Lovin
Year: 2008
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Lonnie Lee – Single – My Rockabilly Band – Lotta Lovin- ST826

From the  album ‘ North West Mail’.

My Rockabilly Band

This song is a biographical story of his first little trio which had a fun life of about 10 months, from early to late 1957. They played parties, charity dances, outdoor picnics, football gatherings and hotel beer gardens and lounges. In mid 1957 they were given a contract to perform 6 nights and a Saturday afternoon each week at the Riverview Hotel in Tempe, Sydney and as far as they knew they were the first rockabilly trio to work full time like this.

They played all types of music which was also the way radio was then, with a bend towards some traditional American country and the new rockabilly style of which Sun records helped start in Memphis.

Lotta Lovin?

This song is typical of the early rockabilly style of song which kick-started Rock?n?Roll into the teenage consciousness of the time. Whilst both music and lyrics were simple and easy, the beat and vocal style dragged teenage feet onto dance floors across the world.