Lonnie Lee – Sold Gold LIVE

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Lonnie Lee – Sold Gold LIVE
Year: 2014
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Lonnie Lee – Sold Gold LIVE – ST836

The tracks on this CD were recorded live at a Sydney venue in 2014.

This is Lonnie Lee and The Leemen 2014 style. The only star of his era and some after, who still has his own band and who still writes, records and releases new material. Some call him the ‘Last Man Standing’. These songs bring back memories of a softer, more peaceful and exciting time when Elvis, Johnny, Roy and Lonnie were tops of the parades.

The songs cover Country music, Blues, Rockabilly, Rock’n’Roll, pre Rock’n’Roll with some great tributes to Roy O, the Nashville pop sound of the 50’s early 60’s and many of Lonnie’s own Gold hits. There are still some of his newer songs he has written within the last 5 years which have guaranteed his popularity into over 58 years as a professional singer.

Put the CD on, turn up the volume and sit in your audience for an exciting Lonnie Lee Show.

1. 123 Opener – When the bells stop ringing 2.19

2. Just walk on by 1.14

3. Send me the pillow that you dream on 1.21

4. From a Jack to a King 1.11

5. A white sports coat 1.43

6. Starlight Starbright 2.02

7. Can’t you see it in my eyes 2.50

8. It takes me back 2.47

9. Cry 2.13

10. Let’s think about living 1.56

11. Six O’Clock Rock 2.09

12. Rockabilly Medley 6.22

I Don’t care if the sun don’t shine


You’re Sixteen

I walk the line

Story of my life

20 flight rock

13. Nashville Medley 4.40

King of the road

You’re the reason

North to Alaska

14. Roy Orbison Medley 3.20

Sweet Dream Baby

Ooby Dooby

Only the lonely

15. Ain’t it so 2.08

16. I found a new love 2.08

17. Yes Indeed I do 2.29

18. My Rockabilly Band 2.23