Lonnie Lee – Single – Cant you see it in my eyes

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Lonnie Lee – Single – Cant you see it in my eyes
Year: 2008
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Lonnie Lee – Single – Cant you see it in my eyes – ST820

Lonnie Lee – st820.

This is Lonnie’s first CD single since Rain which he wrote for Roy Orbison in the 70s.

It was written by John Marascalco who also wrote Starlight Starbright as well as Ready Teddy, Good Golly Miss Molly and Rip it up. The Adult Contemporary country cross song has infectious hooks in the melody and production and the lyrics are sweet and gentle.

Many are saying Lonnie’s voice is better than ever and that with the production, reminds some of them of Elvis and/or the Big O! Stations across OZ are playing it with a big Thumbs Up !

If you like the song call your fav station and see if they are playing it, then tell us about it on the forums here.. http://www.lonnielee.com

The bonus track was written and is played by Matt Taylor, Phil Manning and Dirk Dubois of the supergroup Chain as a tribute to Lonnie and his Rockabilly trio in 1957 when Rock’n’Roll was considered evil by some and labelled as a quick fading fad!. The Rockabilly song titled Saturday night at the Trocadero watching Lonnie Lee is catchy and it too is also getting the OK and being played.

It is off their new album. 46 years after his first single, Lonnie Lee has shown he is not a fad!