Lonnie Lee- North West Mail

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Lonnie Lee- North West Mail
Year: 2006
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Lonnie Lee –  North West Mail – ST827

The raw country with a rockabilly edge album features 11 story songs recently written by Lonnie who is one of the original stars of the rockabilly era who is still wrting and performing today.  Excellent rockabilly country without bells and whistles with great story lines. Done by some who was there at the start of Rockabilly, not a copyist.

The tracks are, not necessarily in this order..

My Rockabilly Band   (Lonnie’s own story about his first band in 1957)

Country Girl  (His girl isn’t city slick but it is what he wants)

It takes me back    (His story of living the country and going to the city to become a star)

(Don’t let it) Get you down   ( If you have problems, never let them get you down)

Lotta Lovin’ ( A typical 50’s rockabilly song)

We’re gonna Rock ( The best band in the land is about to play)

Rock Roll Baby   ( A rockabilly dancer who can swing and twirl like no other)

Nature   (The beauty of nature and his desire to leave the city)

Not much to ask   ( The story of a typical teenage marriage and their dreams which fall apart)

New Limousine   ( A lovers break up so he bought a new 50’s car)

North West Mail ( The train he caught to go from Sydney to the family sheep property)

Whilst the last album ‘Light of Love’ satisfied those who are into 50’s style ballads, this one is sure to hit it with the rockabilly and late 50’s early 60’s rocknroll style, ala Lonnie Lee!