Lonnie Lee- Light of Love

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Lonnie Lee- Light of Love
Year: 2006
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Lonnie Lee – Album – Light of Love- ST823

The album 10 tracks of romantic songs about love from one viewpoint or another. The 10 tracks include 8 songs written by Lonnie as well as ‘Best Friends’ and ‘Can’t you see it in my eyes’, 2 of his recent successful singles.


This is the first album of his own songs he has recorded since ‘Don’t Look Back’ in 1994 and it is already attracting a lot of radio attention due to the two previous mentioned singles as well as his own song, ‘Lonely Nights and Lonely Days’. Boomers and older will be reminded of the sweet gentleness of the 50’s love songs and younger adults will be introduced to the wonderful romance of music, maybe for the first time.


Easy Listening in a fifties ballad style rarely heard today but the mainstay of pop music of the fifties prior to, and during Rock’n’Roll.

Lonnie Lee’s voice with the backing of his band The Leemen are superb.

Radio play listed many songs from this album and today many are still played

Romantic ballads, 8 written by Lonnie

1.     Light of Love         2.14

2.     Feel you’re here        2.47

3.     Lonely Nights and Lonely Days     2.30

4.     Long Long Time   2.44

5.     Just a memory  2.40

6.     Who, What, Why and When   2.04

7.      Like we used to do  3.18

8.      Best Friends         3.14

9.      Can’t you see it in my eyes  3.45

10.    Guiding Light  2.13